Humdrum Hippies #247



1. Luca Nieri – 10
2. Pierre Duplan & Lee Skelly – The Arrangement
3. Pierre Daven-Keller – Sirocco
4. The S.L.P. – Meanwhile… in Genova
5. Matt Berry – World in Action
6. Allah-Las – Polar Onion
7. Ikebe Shakedown – No Going Back
8. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Build Bridges
9. Cold Diamond & Mink – We’re All We Got (Instrumental)

Humdrum Hippies #246



1.Halo Benders – Snowfall
2.Tullycraft – Superboy & Supergirl
3.Mind Spiders – Time Sucker
4.Dignan Porch – Footsteps In the Snow
5.The Organ – Basement Band Song
6.Blam Blam Blam – Don’t Fight It Marsha, Its Bigger Than Both of Us
7.The Lines – Nerve Pylon
8.Jeff and Jane Hudson – PCP
9.Devo – Gut Feeling

Humdrum Hippies #245



1.Wished Bone – Reasons
2.Bobb Trimble – One Mile From Heaven (Long Version)
3.Keith West – On a Saturday
4.The Flies – Turning Back The Page
5.The Men – Candy
6.Lee Robinson Machine – Summer Love
7.Esmeray – Ayrilik Olsa Bile
8.Los Zooms – Alguien Ha de Escuchar
9.The Animals – A Girl named Sandoz

Humdrum Hippies #244

Julie Driscoll


1.Denny Lile – Hear The Bang
2.J.K. & Co. – Little Children
3.The Aggregation – Flying Free
4.John Kerruish – Time To Wander
5.The Millennium – It Won’t Always Be The Same
6.The Association – The Time It Is Today
7.Afterglow – Dream Away
8.The Glass Family – The Means
9.Sebastian – Passages
10.Music Emporium – Velvets Sunsets

Humdrum Hippies #243



1.A Fir-Ju Well – Give Me A Rag
2.Peaches in Honey – Swing Time Dream
3.Emitt Rhodes – Fresh As A Daisy
4.George Gerdes – Catechism Wednesday
5.The Drug Purse – The Danish
6.The Jim Mitchells – We’re Up High
7.Vetiver – Strictly Rule
8.The Apples In Stereo – Pine Away
9.Shoes – Do I Get So Shy

Humdrum Hippies #242

main_900 (1)


1.Richard Twice – The Finest Poet
2.The Advancement – Stone Folk
3.Lynne Randell – A Love Like You
4.Peter, Paul and Mary – Love City (Postcards To Duluth)
5.Feelin’ Down – The Poor
6.John Brown’s Bodies – Out Of My Mind
7.This Side Up – Turn Your Head
8.Judy & The P.T.S. – You Need Love
9.Mort Shuman – Caramels
10.The Edgar Broughton Band – Evening over Rooftops

Humdrum Hippies #241



1.Fleetwood Mac – Walk a Thin Line
2.Walter Egan – Magnet & Steel
3.Alex Fergusson – I’m Obsessed
4.Moon Martin – Paid Killer
5.Les Fils De Joie – Adieu Paris
6.The Dwight Twilley Band – Looking For The Magic
7.The Hot Nasties – I Am a Confused Teenager
8.Promise – Back in My Heart
9.Justin Heathcliff – You Know What I Mean
10.Peter Bardens – I Don’t Want to Go Home

Humdrum Hippies #240



1.Eden Ahbez – Eden’s Island
2.Collage – Mets Neidude Vahel
3.John Cameron – Four O’Clock Earthquake
4.Franco Bixio – A Fist In The Thought
5.Franco Micalizzi – Hold Up
6.The Bongolian – The Champion
7.Chip Wickham – Snake Eyes
8.The Rugged Nuggets – Yo Todo Tu Yo
9.Erlon Chaves & Orquestra Saint Moritz – Ba Oba Oba
10.Lennie Hibbert – Rose Len

Humdrum Hippies #239


1.Elton John – Rocket Man
2.The Cape Kennedy Construction Company – Armageddon
3.Paul Vigrass – Like It Never Was
4.Buffy Sainte-Marie – He’s A Keeper Of The Fire
5.Sun Atlas – The Mystic Parade
6.Marta Ren – Worth It
7.Black Pumas – Confines
8.Sheridan & Rick Price – Sometimes I Wonder
9.Drugdealer – Fools

Humdrum Hippies #238


1.L’Eppe- Dreams
2.Nora Dean – Angie La La
3.Traffic Sound – Jews Caboose
4.The Pretty Things –She’s A Lover
5.The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – If You Want This Love
6.The 13th Elevators – Slip Inside This House
7.Thee Oh Sees – C
8.Modern Nature – Footsteps