Humdrum Hippies #261



1.Twain – Little Dog Mind (New Miami v.)
2.Parquet Courts – Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth
3.Lindisfarne – Lady Eleanor
4.Aorta – Fallin’ Behind
5.Smushie – Kathy and Paul
6.Counterconformity – Ship Without Sails
7.Theatre Royal – September Comes
8.Paul Orwell – Hey Hey Junkie
9.The Rebels of Tijuana – C’est Immense
10.Red Telephone – Kookly Rose

Humdrum Hippies #260



1.Crepes – Ain’t Horrible
2.Puberty – Invitations
3.Doctor Nod – Walking the Dog
4.Savants – Malcom X
5.Orions Belte – Joe Frazier
6.The Weeds – Ten More Shopping Days (Till the Bomb)
7.Capsula – Around
8.Real Estate – Fake Blues
9.The Make Up – We Can’t Contained

Humdrum Hippies #259



1.Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well (Part 2)
2.Graham Coxon – A Better Beginning
3.Federale – Unchained Malady
4.Poni Hoax – All the Girls
5.Timber Timbre – Sewer Blues
6.The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Amethyst Realm
7.Condor Gruppe – Void

Humdrum Hippies #258

The Cure_80-250-9_cr72_preview


1.Sugar Candy Mountain – Eye On You
2.Novak – Oh Farrah!
3.Television – Venus
4.Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Walking On The Water
5.The Zipps – Lotus Love (Full Length Demo Vocal)
6.Jack & The Rippers – I Feel Like A Tram
7.Pastiche – Flash Of The Moment
8.Shrapnel – Go Cruisin
9.Milk ‘N’ Cookies – Typically Teenage
10.Alex Chilton – Hey! Little Child

Humdrum Hippies #257



1.David Axelrod – The Warnings (Part 1)
2.Brainticket – Places of Light
3.Syd Arthur – Morning’s Recall (Amorphous Androgynous Remix)
4.62 Miles From Space – The Scope
5.Vanishing Twin – KRK (At Home In Strange Places)
6.Roj – Bongo Workout
7.Tara King th. – Lady Robot
8.Stereolab – Spinal Column
9.Lubos Fiser – Dense Smoke

Humdrum Hippies #256

Humdrum Hippies ##_


1.Judy Henske – High Flying Bird
2.F.J. McMahon – Five Year Kansas Blues
3.Frank Kinsel – Sparrow
4.David McWilliams – Go On Back To Mama
5.The Greek Theatre – A Different Place
6.The Edgar Broughton Band – Call Me a Liar
7.Peter Ivers – Ain’t That A Kick
8.Raymond Froggatt – Have You Seen The Children
9.Stackridge – No One’s More Important Than the Earth Worm
10.Galaxy – Space Mountain

Humdrum Hippies #255



1. Keith Mansfield – Morning Broadway
2. Lord Echo – Ghost Hands
3. Big Boss Man – Triumph Of The Olympian
4. Galactic – Ready Already
5. The Jive Turkeys – Funky Brewster
6. Bacao Rythm & The Steel Band – Jungle Fever
7. Kutiman – Jaffa Beach
8. Combo Chimbita – Pachanga
9. The Budos Band – Black Venom
10. Whitefield Brothers – Rampage

Humdrum Hippies #254



1.The Ace Of Cups – Simplicity
2.Jesse Harper – Ashes And Matches
3.Margareta Juvan – I’m Hiding My Nightingale
4.Sensations’ Fix – Fix A Water Fountain (Instrumental)
5.Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup – Jabberwock
6.She – Don’t Leave Me Baby
7.Bo Grumpus – Sparrow Tune
8.The Rats – The Rise And Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone
9.Keith Shields – Deep Inside Your Mind
10.Colin Blunstone – Andorra

Humdrum Hippies #253



1.Armando Trovajoli – Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera
2.Lucio Battisti – Il mio canto libero
3.Daniel Pemberton – Signori Toileto Italiano
4.Nina Simone – Cosi ti amo
5.Domenico Modugno – La lontananza
6.Betty Curtis – Con Tutto il Cuore
7.Massimo Ranieri – Rose Rosse
8.Nada – L’anello
9.Tony Renis – Quando, Quando, Quando
10.Rino Gaetano – Aida

Humdrum Hippies #252



1.Kava Kon & The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Mists of Krakatoa
2.Greg Foat – The Mage
3.Roy Budd – Black Is Beautiful
4.Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc.- Baila Chibiquiban
5.Ray Bryant – Up Above the Rock
6.Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations
7.Stefano Torossi – Fearing Much
8.Yannis Spanos – Anazitisis (Finale)
9.Ennio Morricone – Doricame