Humdrum Hippies #183



1.The Hard Times – Blew Mind
2.Janko Nilovic – Girl Named RevoltE
3.Bayan Mongol – A Black Horse
4.Guadalupe Plata – Huele A Rata
5.Kid Kongo & The Pink Monkeys Birds – Ricky Ticky Tocky
6.West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Suppose They Give A War (And No One Comes)
7.The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds – Aries the Fire Fighter
8.News – New York City


Humdrum Hippies #182



1.Raimonds Pauls, Janis Peters – Raindrops
2.Brigitte Fontaine – Eros
3.Alejandro Jodorowsky – Baby Snakes
4.Bruno Nicolai – Primitivo
5.David Axelrod – The Smile
6.Harumi – Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do
7.Aesop’s Fables – And When It’s Over
8.Lilac Street Band – Somewhere (On A Clear Day)
9.Appletree Theater – Lotus Flower
10.The Velvet Illusions – Town Of Fools
11.Children Of The Mushroom – You Can’t Erase A Mirror
12.Masahiko Sato – Belladonna

Humdrum Hippies #175



1.Michael Small – Goldfarb’s Record
2.Nora Orlandi & Alessandro Alessandroni – A Doppia Faccia
3.Stavros Xarxakos – Shadows on love (Skies stin agapi)
4.Guy Pedersen – Les Copans De La Basse
5.Lalo Schifrin – Shifting Gears
6.Serge Gainsbourg – L’Hotel Particulier
7.La Femme – Le Blues De Francoise
8.Forever Pavot – Cancre
9.Tara King th. – Aboard the Asterion
10.The Liminanas – I Miei Occhi Sono I Tuoi Occhi
11.La Batteria – Persona Non Grata
12.Stanley Myers – St. Matthew Fashion