Humdrum Hippies #240



1.Eden Ahbez – Eden’s Island
2.Collage – Mets Neidude Vahel
3.John Cameron – Four O’Clock Earthquake
4.Franco Bixio – A Fist In The Thought
5.Franco Micalizzi – Hold Up
6.The Bongolian – The Champion
7.Chip Wickham – Snake Eyes
8.The Rugged Nuggets – Yo Todo Tu Yo
9.Erlon Chaves & Orquestra Saint Moritz – Ba Oba Oba
10.Lennie Hibbert – Rose Len

Humdrum Hippies #239


1.Elton John – Rocket Man
2.The Cape Kennedy Construction Company – Armageddon
3.Paul Vigrass – Like It Never Was
4.Buffy Sainte-Marie – He’s A Keeper Of The Fire
5.Sun Atlas – The Mystic Parade
6.Marta Ren – Worth It
7.Black Pumas – Confines
8.Sheridan & Rick Price – Sometimes I Wonder
9.Drugdealer – Fools

Humdrum Hippies #238


1.L’Eppe- Dreams
2.Nora Dean – Angie La La
3.Traffic Sound – Jews Caboose
4.The Pretty Things –She’s A Lover
5.The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – If You Want This Love
6.The 13th Elevators – Slip Inside This House
7.Thee Oh Sees – C
8.Modern Nature – Footsteps

Humdrum Hippies #237


1.Dead Moon – Running Out of Time
2.The Choir – In Love’s Shadow
3.The Outsiders – Sun’s Going Down
4.The Amazing Nuns – Horrible guy
5.Nick Curran & The Lowlifes – Reform School Girl
6.Satan’s Pilgrims – Dilation
7.Radio Alarm Clocks – Confidentially Renee
8.Sovjet War – The Nuthouse
9.Tommy Jay – I Was There
10.P.P. Arnold – The First Cut Is The Deepest

Humdrum Hippies #236

Humdrum Hippies #235_

1.The Proctors – Footsteps
2.Pointe Noire – Parallelism
3.Velvet Tides – Into Light
4.Lorelei – I Am a Road
5.Feroces – Sometimes (Jamais on nous dit ces choses-la)
6.Sad Lovers and Giants – Clint
7.Garden of Delight – Pictures of You
8.The Cure – Just Like Heaven

Humdrum Hippies #235


1.Stan Getz & João Gilberto – É Preciso Perdoar
2.Zelia Barbosa – Opinião
3.Jorge Ben – Lalari – Olala
4.Baden Powell – Sarava
5.Edu Lobo – Ponteio
6.The Soundcarriers – Caught By The Sun
7.Berto Pisano – Kill Them All
8.Bruno Nicolai – I Want It All
9.Paola Neri – Non Voglio Piu’ Rivederti

Humdrum Hippies #234


1.Springtime Carnivore – Cicadas
2.Peter Gutteridge – Thumbaline
3.The Magnetic Fields Feat. Susan Anway – Take Ecstasy With Me
4.Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Jim on the Move
5.The Growlers – Red Tide
6.Larry Wallis – Police Car
7.The Shivvers – Teen Line
8.Wipers – Y I Came
9.The Long Ryders – Too Close to the Light
10.The Durutti Column – Destroy, She Said

Humdrum Hippies #233

This New Ocean 4 Apollo Lunar

1.China Crisis – Wishful Thinking
2.The Ocean Blue – Step Into The Night
3.Brighter – Hope Springs Eternal
4.Aberdeen – She Loves To Feel The Sun
5.Hatchie – Kiss The Stars
6.The Royal Landscaping Society – A To Fade In
7.KEnt – Music Non Stop
8.Bettie Serveert – Kid’s Allrigh

Humdrum Hippies #232


1.Christopher & Isabella – Today
2.Bat McGrath & Don Potter – Even Your Name
3.Goldberg – Say Your Name Out Loud
4.Mirrors – How Could I
5.The Vibrators – Baby Baby
6.The Necessaries – More Real
7.The Replacements – Johnny’s Gonna Die
8.Bill Fay – Omega Day
9.The Flame – I’m So Happy
10.Yellow Payges – Friends
11.MC5 – Let Me Try

Humdrum Hippies #231


1.Guiliano Sorgini – To Rebound
2.The Monks – Yellow Grass
3.Alessandro Alessandroni – Overcraft
4.Bruno Battisti D’Amario- Insistiamo
5.The Braen’s Machine – Flying
6.Revelations – Soul 111
7.Eddie Warner – Shut Up
8.Yan Tregger – Sun Adoration
9.Girosan, Lemisan – Reykjiavik
10.Roberto Conrado – Acromatic
11.Spindrift – Speak To The Wind