Humdrum Hippies #90



1.The Film Studio Orchestra – Un Dollaro Bucato
2.Marino Marini – Eso Es El Amor
3.Piero Umiliani – Violenza
4.Stelvio Cipriani – Edipeon(seq.7)
5.Piero Piccioni – Easy Dreamer(choir)
6.Marie Laforet – A Demain My Darling
7.Zebra Stripes – El Paseo(The Trip)
8.The Federals – Boot Hill
9.Connie Francis – Siboney
10.The Gladiators – Bleak House
11.Michel Legrand & The London Symphony Orchestra – Theme & Variations For Two Pianos & Orchestra
12.Kayoko Ishu – La Lecon Particuliere
13.Stavros Xarhakos – Walking In Athens(Girls In The Sun OST)

Humdrum Hippies #83



1.Goat – To Travel To Path Unknown
2.Trad Gras Och Stenar – Sannigens Silverflod
3.Ultimate Spinach – Sacrifice Of The Moon
4.Soft Machine – Priscilia / Why Am I So Short
5.The Travel Agency – Lonely Seabird
6.The Aggregation – The Lady At The Gate
7.The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Shifting Sands
8.Ant Trip Ceremony – Four In The Morning
9.Children Of The Mushroom – Augustine Mademoiselle
10.The Zoo – I Cry
11.Index – Turqouise Feline
12.Morgus Creep & The Daringers  – Morgus Creep