Humdrum Hippies #190



1.Fine China – Featherweight
2.Rufus Wainwright – The One You Love
3.Luna – Fire in Cairo (The Cure cover)
4.The Coral – Eyes Like Pearls
5.DonCat – Diana
6.The Spectors – Dorothy
7.Greta Van Fleet – When The Curtain Falls
8.Eric Burdon & The Animals – The Year of the Guru
9.Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady


Humdrum Hippies #189



1.Fugazi – I’m So Tired
2.Donnie and Joe Emerson – Take It
3.Richard Schneider Jr. – Illusion
4.Liliput – A Silver Key Can Open An Iron Lock Somewhere
5.Danger Beach – Apache
6.This Heart Electric – Sunrise Blvd.
7.Tim Cohen – John Hughes
8.Magic & Fur – Christine
9.Snail Mail – Thinning
10.Francobollo – Kinky Lola

Humdrum Hippies #188

Jet Sounds 2


1.Jean-Claude Vannier – Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rouse
2.Jean Yanne & Michel Magne – Petrol Pop
3.Helene April – Ta Vallee
4.Stelvio Cipriani – Viaggio Nella Prateria
5.Marie Laforet – Apres Toi, Qui Sait
6.Piero Umiliani – Terre Del Sud
7.Baden Powell & Vinicius De Moraes – Canto De Ossanha
8.Erlon Chaves & Orquestra Saint Moritz – Procura-se Uma Virgem (Prefixo) Tema De Abertura
9.Francis Lai & Christian Gaubert – Theme D’Olivier
10.Armando Trovaioli – Moto Perpetuo
11.Siloah – Road To Laramy

Humdrum Hippies #182



1.Raimonds Pauls, Janis Peters – Raindrops
2.Brigitte Fontaine – Eros
3.Alejandro Jodorowsky – Baby Snakes
4.Bruno Nicolai – Primitivo
5.David Axelrod – The Smile
6.Harumi – Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do
7.Aesop’s Fables – And When It’s Over
8.Lilac Street Band – Somewhere (On A Clear Day)
9.Appletree Theater – Lotus Flower
10.The Velvet Illusions – Town Of Fools
11.Children Of The Mushroom – You Can’t Erase A Mirror
12.Masahiko Sato – Belladonna