Humdrum Hippies #159



1.Food – What It Seems To Be
2.Bruce Vanderpool – Sadness
3.Skip Bifferty – Come Around
4.Dave Douglas – Follow The Sun
5.Elia y Elizabeth – Descripcion
6.Nashville – Depart
7.Catmando – Today’s the First Day of Your Life
8.Plain Jane – You Can’t Make It Alone
9.Mike Fiems – My Lady


Humdrum Hippies #158



1.Ann Sorel – L’amour e Plusieurs
2.Cany – Je Ne Suis Pas Un Schizophrene
3.Charlotte Walters – Fleurs De Pavots Bleus
4.Delphine – La Fermeture Eclair
5.Jean-Claude Oliver – L’invite
6.Genevieve Ferreri – L’arc-En-Ciel
7.Dickens – Genocide
8.Mortimer – Where Dragons Guard The Doors
9.String Driven Thing – Circus
10.Greenfield & Cook – The End

Humdrum Hippies #157



1.Alessandro Alessandroni – Dialogando
2.Piero Piccioni – Charms
3.Serge Gainsbourg – En Melody
4.Janko Nilovic – Paris Deauville
5.Piero Umiliani – Requiem Per Un Agente Segreto (Discoteque Party)
6.Thanh Lan,Chau Ha & Thanh Mai – Hat Mung Xuan
7.Harmonic Sounds Band – Untitled Studio Moves
8.Carrie Cleveland – Love Will Set You Free
9.Nora Orlandi – Samba With Edwige
10.Martin Denny – The Enchanted Sea
11.Wendy & Bonnie – By The Sea

Humdrum Hippies #156



1.Autour De Lucie – Nos Vies Limitrophes
2.Maston – Turning In
3.Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet
4.Cunnin Lynguists – Phantasmata
5.Roudoudou – Peace and Tranquility to Earth
6.Fauve – Nuits Fauve
7.Electric Eye – The Diamond Sutra
8.Crossection – Over Again
9.The Moody Blues – A Simple Game
10.The Music Machine – Come On in