Humdrum Hippies #211


1.Kath Bloom – I Wanna Love
2.Marianne Faithfull – Come And Stay With Me
3.Ruthann Friedman – When You’re Near
4.Phil Cordell – Red Lady
5.Jim Capaldi – It’s All Up To You
6.Quicksilver Messenger Service – Baby Baby
7.Jay Bolotin – I’m Not Asking You
8.The New Mix – Ever Brighter
9.Caravan – Hello Hello


Humdrum Hippies #210


1.The Roger Webb Sound – Moon Bird
2.Galaxy-Lin – Boy For Sale
3.Barbara & Ernie – For You
4.Mint Tattoo – Wrong Way Girl
5.Wendy & Bonnie – Endless Pathway
6.Jefferson Airplane – How Do You Feel
7.Poll – (anthrwpe agapa)
8.Piero Umiliani – The Theme Song From Roy Colt & Winchester Jack
9.The Hello People – Let’s Go Hide In The Forest
10.The Avant-Garde – Yellow Beads

Humdrum Hippies #209


1.The Walker Brothers – After The Lights Go Out
2.Andrew Oldham Orchestra – The Last Time
3.Dobie Gray – The ‘In’ Crowd
4.Roger Nichols & The Small Circle – Trust
5.梶芽衣子 (Meiko Kaji) – Onna Kawaki Uta (Thirsty Woman’s Song)
6.Sarathy Korwar – Utopia and Visions (live)
7.Ray Brooks – Lend Me Some Of Your Time
8.The Zombies – Leave Me Be
9.Pavlovs Dog – Waterlow

Humdrum Hippies #202


1.Nick Drake – Northern Sky
2.Rod St. James – Pisces Child
3.John Cale – Big White Cloud
4.Condello – Oh No
5.Creme Soda – Tonight
6.The End – Dreamworld
7.The Avengers – Flower Girl
8.The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Eighteen Is Over The Hill
9.Sagittarius – Song To The Magic Frog (Will You Ever Know)
10.Gandalf – Scarlet Ribbons