Humdrum Hippies #291



1.Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes – Canto De Lemanja
2.Dr. John – Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
3.St. Pius X Seminary Choir – Who Is This Man
4.Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man
5.Los Shakers – Señor Carretera El Encantado
6.Norma Tanega – Bread
7.Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies – Invisible Man
8.The United States Of America – The Garden Of Earthly Delights
9.Rev. Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D. ‎ – Day of Wrath
10.Exuma – Dambala

Humdrum Hippies #290



1.Power – She Is The Color Of
2.One Of Hours – Psychedelic Illusion
3.Purple Canteen – If You Like It That Way
4.Thorinshield – The Best Of It
5.Pat’s People – December Sequel
6.O.P.M.C. – The Head
7.Phil & the Frantics – Till You Get What You Want
8.Hoppi & The Beau Heems – When I Get Home
9.Hamilton Streetcar – Your Own Comedown
10.The Liberation News Service – Mid-Winter’s Afternoon

Humdrum Hippies #289



1.Hopewell – Purple Balloon
2.Rocketship – You Make Me Happy In My Sorrow
3.Halo Benders – On A Tip
4.Beck – Teenage Wastebasket
5.Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family – I’ve Been Losing
6.Scissor Fits – Waiting For Your Love In The Shower
7.The Celibate Rifles – Ice Blue
8.The Boyfriends – Wrapped Up In A Dream
9.The Leopards – I Wonder If I’ll Ever See You Again
10.The Yankees – Take It Like A Man
11.Crash Street Kids – Into You

Humdrum Hippies #288



1.Los Microwaves – T.V. In My Eye
2.The Legendary Pink Dots – Lisa’s Party
3.Los Reactors – Dead In The Suburbs
4.Disco Zombies – Mary Millington
5.Warm Gun – Crappy Hands
6.Polyrock – Romantic Me
7.Pale TV – Night Toys
8.Joy Division – Transmission(Peel Sessions)
9.General Accident – Computer Dating
10.They Must Be Russians – Where Have I Seen You

Humdrum Hippies #287



1.Anciento y sus Fabulosos – Mi Gran Noche
2.El Opio – Kashanga
3.Combo Chibita – Chimbita Theme
4.M.A.K.U Sound System – Culebra Coral
5.Chicha Libre – Sonido Amazonico
6.Herb Galler, Okko, Simon Alcott, Peter Haesslein – Santana
7.Alex Figueira – Guacuco
8.Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. – Naci Para Bailar
9.La Mecanica Popular – Motame en la Tormenta

Humdrum Hippies #286 – A Tribute To The Maestro



1.Ennio Morricone – Veruschka (with Edda Dell’Orso) \ Spasmo
2.Stelvio Cipriani – I Quattro Del Clan Dal Cuore Di Pietra
3.Ennio Morricone – Dies Irae Psichedelico (Escalation) \ Comandamenti Per Un Gangster
4.Bailey’s Nervous Kats – Cobra
5.Giuliano Sorgini – Honda
6.Sandro Brugnolini – Balenottera
7.Alessandro Alessandroni – Altalena Sull’ Acqua
8.Piero Piccioni – La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto (with Edda Dell’Orso)
9.Piero Umiliani – Aria Di Paese
10.Ennio Morricone – E Sereno L’ Orizzonte

Humdrum Hippies #285

HH #285


1. Gabor Szabo – Ferris Wheel
2. Dorothy Ashby – Little Sunflower
3. Nino Nardini – Tropical
4. Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra – Angels and Demons at Play
5. Basil Kirchin – Charcoal Sketch 2
6. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Spirits Up Above
7. Claudia Balla – Jesus Christo
8. Truck – Earth Song
9. Bernard Estardy – Bacchanales Estardiennes
10. Cortex – I Heard a Sigh

Humdrum Hippies #284

Jenny Karézi


1.El Michels Affair – Enfant (feat. The Shacks)
2.Giannis Spanos – Dexiosi Sto Giot
3.Remigio Ducros – Bus Stop
4.F. Bixio – Diamonds
5.Stelvio Cipriani – Astaroth
6.The New Sounds – The Big Score
7.Unknown Performer – Star Voyage
8.Orchestra Gary Pacific – Soft Wind
9.Murad Kazhlaev – In An Hour
10.George Hadjinassios – Katadioksi
11.Midas Touch – Big Deal!
12.Armando Trovaioli – Theme Shake

Humdrum Hippies #283



1.The Beaus Of Beethoven – Goin’ Away
2.Louie And The Lovers – It’s The Morning
3.Thunderbirds – These Days Are Gone
4.Lovegrass – O Hali
5.Love Affair – So Sorry
6.The Glas Managerie – Natasha
7.The Illusions – Wait Till The Summer
8.Those Guys – Lookin’ at You Behind the Glasses
9.Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 – Mr. Sweet Stuff
10.The Mystics – I Get So Disgusted
11.The Human Expression – Calm Me Down
12.Crystal Syphon – Winter Is Cold

Humdrum Hippies #282



1. Nora Orlandi – The Face of Love (instrumental)
2. Μάνος Χατζιδάκις – Ζήτημα Αξιοπρέπειας
3. Μίμης Πλέσσας – Θέμα (Κάτι Κουρασμένα Παλληκάρια)
4. Luciano Michelini – Round About
5. Franco Bixio – Underworld
6. Piero Umiliani – Orgasmo – M18 (Shake)
7. Graham Mushnik ft. Group Martini – Gold Seekers
8. The Heliocentrics – Hanging by a Thread
9. Col Nolan & The Soul Syndicate – Whatever It’s Worth
10. Μίμης Πλέσσας – Bossa Nova (Ένα Κορίτσι Για Δύο)