Humdrum Hippies #139



1.Mimis Plessas – Nights Of Love (Visibility Zero OST)
2.Vasco Vassil Kojucharov & Elsio Mancuso – Fargo’s Gang (Una Lunga Fila Di Croci OST)
3.George Theodossiadis – Hors D’Euvres (Fiery Holidays OST)
4.Gianni Marchetti – Milano Il Clan Dei Calabresi Seq.3 (Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi OST)
5.Kayoko Ishu – La Reina De Saba
6.Chad & Jeremy – When Your Love Has Gone
7.Sergio Mendes  – Righteous Life
8.Milt Matthews Inc. – It Ain’t Your Fault
9.John Randolph Marr – Hello LA, Bye-Bye Birmingham
10.Bobbie Gentry – He Made A Woman Out Of Me
11.Ketty Lester – River Of Salt
12.The Fentones – Until The Dawn

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