Humdrum Hippies #112



1.The Vampires’ Sound Inc. – People’s Playground
2.The People – Glastonbury
3.23rd Turnoff – Flowers Are Flowering
4.Silver Apples – I Have Known Love
5.The Velvet Illusions  – Hippy Town
6.The Spiders – Nati Bati Yi
7.Kim Yung Mi – Beautiful Rivers & Mountains
8.Joey & The Time Machine – Big City
9.The Cryan’ Shames – Baltimore Oriole
10.The Search Party – So Many Things Have Got Me Down

One comment

  1. Hi! This is Randy “Jimmie James” Bowles, co-founder of the Velvet Illusions. Thank you for including Hippy Town in your playlist.

    Please visit my FB Page, which I made for our fans:

    And, here’s my WordPress long-read about being in the band: (There are several Velvet Illusions-related stories in my archives; but this is my magnum opus.)

    Thanks again. Oh, BTW, Hippy Town was named *the* iconic song of 1967 in a list published by New York Magazine, “One Hundred Years, One Hundred Songs”.

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